Impart the values you hold dear

Secure your Legacy

Gift planning allows you to make a strategic charitable gift that will have a much greater impact than you thought possible. Legacy giving at Trinity College School gives you the opportunity to establish your own personal legacy through a variety of affordable and tax-smart ways to that fit your needs and timelines.

Estate Giving Goals

At 70, I can see pretty clearly my major influencers. On that list is TCS – a place that’s easy to forget when you’re 51 years gone from it. The school often talks about guiding students through their formative years. Well, it certainly shaped me in ways that I only now fully appreciate. As they often say: “A good part of you is still there.” I totally agree, that’s why I’m leaving some of my estate to the place that was so important in making me what I am today.

– Bob Ramsay ’68

I learned all of life’s important lessons at TCS. The fundamental things that still hold true for me half a century later: be generous of spirit; take responsibility for your own success and shortcomings; and, together we are better. I am leaving a portion of my estate to TCS so that others can learn the same lessons after I am gone. Beati Mundo Corde.

– Rob Wilson Rogers ’71